50 cents arrested after live concert in Caribbeans for strange offence

- 6/26/2016
Famous rapper 50 cents has been arrested in the Caribbean for swearing during a live concert.
50 cents arrested in the Caribbean

The 'window shopper' rapper was performing on the island of St.Kitts in The Caribbean when he used a swear word that is illegal in St.Kitts.

Before the concert, Curtis Jackson aka 50 cents had been cautioned by the concert organizers not to use any swear words during his performance.

But the Rapper didn't heed the warning and during one of his songs, in the heat of the moment, 50 cents used the words mother... to the dismay of the show organizers.

The large crowd of 40,000 people didn't seem to mind as they continued to cheer and enjoy the show.

But the police authorities minded the profanity; alot.

But out of courtesy and respect, the police waited until the show was over before they arrested the hip hop star.

They took him over to the station and booked him for the offence.

The star will now have to postpone his departure as he is due to appear in court on Monday to pay the fine required by law for swearing in St. Kitts.

At this time in his career, fiddy who already has legal trouble due to his filing for bankruptcy, also had to pay $100,000 to charity last month after he came under heavy fire for making fun of a 19 year old airport worker who turned out to be autistic.

Curtis Jackson made a statement after his donation. This is what the rapper had to say.

"There are people that are ignored, mistreated and neglected with disabilities that need our support. Today, I have made a donation of $100,000 to this worthy cause through Autism Speaks."

He will now have to pay the fine for swearing at his concert before he is allowed to leave St. Kitts.

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