Alicia Keys goes makeup free at the 2016 BET awards(photos)

- 6/27/2016
Make up free Alicia Keys appears at the BET awards and steals the show. 
Alicia Keys goes makeup free

American singer, song writer and 

actress Alicia Keys is not kidding around with her "no-make up" crusade. 

For months now the sultry singer has gone without make up in order to make a statement. 

She wishes for women not to be viewed as objects. 

She wishes to draw attention  to the over dependency women have on make up, which has gotten so bad that they only feel confident and socially relevant when they are made up. 

Alicia Keys' journey to make up free land began some months ago when she went for a photo shoot for an album. 
Alicia Keys at BET awards

To her horror,as soon as she arrived,  the photographer asked her to pose for pictures exactly as she was. 

Wracked with nerves at the photographers request, she went through it nevertheless. 

The results were a beautiful revelation that made her vow never to use make up again. 

Now she is urging other women to get  from under the personality hiding make up that she now considers unnecessary. 

To lay emphasis on her new no-make stance,  Keys appeared at the BET award without a single touch of make up. 

And guess what? 
Beautiful Alicia Keys goes without make for BET awards

The singer looked amazing. Fresh faced and confident as she posed for cameras at the BET awards red carpet. 

Check out these hot photos of the star looking gorgeous without make up. 

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