American kills himself in Taiwan court after 4 years prison sentencing

- 6/18/2016

American father of two commits suicide inside Taiwanese court after 4 year prison sentencing 

American commits suicide in Taiwan court house

An Unbelievable incident occured in Taiwan recently.
A man killed himself in front of people in Taiwan court house in a shocking incident.
An American man, 41 year old Tyrel Martin Marhanka has killed himself right inside a Taiwan court house after being sentenced to 4 years in prison for drug possession charges.

The unexpected and gruesome incident took place during sentencing in a Taiwanese court.

When Marhanka heard the 4 year sentence given to him, he suddenly pulled out a sharp object and plunged it into his own neck.

Blood gushed from a severed artery in his neck as panic erupted in the court house.

Marhanka was arrested last year in April after police officers discovered a big storage of drugs at his rented house.

The illegal drugs included numerous cannabis plants and about 10 opium poppies.

He explained to the police that the plants were a hobby for his personal use. He never intended to sell any of it.

But he was arrested and charged to court for possession of illegal drugs, a serious crime in Taiwan.

Witnesses at the court say that after the judge passed the 4 year sentence to the American for smuggling poppy seeds into Taiwan and growing illegal cannabis,  Marhanka was informed of the sentence by an interpreter.

“Four years?”  Marhanka said in a shocked voice.

The interpreter tried to tell the dazed man that it wasn't over, the sentence could be still be appealed.

But Marhanka declined the offer of appeal.

“I don’t want to live anymore,” he screamed, before plunging the sharp blades into his neck.

He died in the hospital after being rushed there in a pool of blood.

Court officials identified the weapon he used as a pair of scissors.

Tyrel Martin Marhanka was married to a Taiwanese woman and had two children.

Taiwanese authorities released a statement of condolence, saying that Marhanka had been very cooperative through out the case, and showed no signs that he would ever harm himself.


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