Black magic murderer assaulted and ripped out 10 year old girl's heart

- 6/10/2016

42 year old man murders 10 year old school girl after assaulting  her

A man has killed a 10 year old girl and ripped out her heart from her body, after sexually assaulting her in a monstrous act motivated by black magic.
10 year old girl killed in Brazil

The killer, Jairo Lopes a 42 year old man had stalked 10 year old girl Raiana Aparecida Candida while she made her way to her school on foot.

Raiana's dead and mutilated body was later discovered on a farm in Buenopolis Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Her heart which had been thorn out of her tiny chest had been buried beside her body in an act the police recognized as black magic ritual.

A week before her gruesome death, Jairo Lopes had come to the girl's house on a pretence of seeking employment.

Police now know that it was only a part of his ploy to get near his young victim.

Following certain leads, the hunt for Lopes began.

The rapist and murder was finally captured five days later while hiding in the bushes, on the very same farm where Raiana's body was discovered.

He had to be airlifted from the area to prevent the 500 strong crowd who where trying to lynch him.

He at first denied the killing,  but eventually succumbed and confessed to murdering the 10 year old girl.

Killer Jairo Lopes

But he claimed he had initially intended to kidnap her and blackmail her parents for money.

He also confessed to another crime of murder and sexual assault.

And police confirmed that he was  wanted for that crime as well, and had managed to elude them by using fake Identification before he was finally caught for the second crime.

Due to manner of the murder, Police chief Giovanni Idalmo de Faria, stated that the police are probing to see if the crime was black magic motivated.

A mark of a secret cult had being found on the murderer Lopes body.


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