British man attempts to assasinate Donald Trump at Vegas rally

- 6/21/2016
Man attempts to kill US Republican candidate Donald Trump at Vegas presidential rally.
Michael Sandford attempts to kill Donald Trump at Las Vegas presidential rally

20 year old British man has attempted to assasinate Donald Trump the US Republican candidate at a Presidential rally in Las Vegas.

Michael Steven Sandford made a foiled attempt to kill the Republican party nominee on Saturday.

The 20-year-old has appeared in court charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds.

The British citizen confessed to the secret service that he had been trying to kill Trump for a year and felt confident enough to make the attempt at the Las Vegas rally.

During investigations into the incident it was discovered that Michael Sandford had been living in his car, and he carried an expired visa.
It also emerged that the young man suffered from a form of autism.

According  to Special Agent Joseph Hall, Sandford had driven himself all the way from California to to Vegas to kill Trump.

The day before the rally he had visited a gun range in Las Vegasto to practice how to shoot.
Man attempts to kill Donald Trump at rally

On the day of Trump's Presidential rally at the Treasure Island Casino,  Sandford  had allegedly walked up to a police officer and pretended that he wanted an autograph from Trump.

With both hands he then tried to grab the officers handgun from its holster.
But failed in his attempt.

When Michael Sandford was arrested they found a United Kingdom Driving Licence on him.

Reports emerged that Sandford said he had been in the States approximately 18 months.

He had lived in Hoboken, New Jersey before moving to the Ontario San Bernardino in California.

Sandford had chosen that particular police officer because he noticed that the officer’s holster was unlocked.

At the court hearing, Sandford's mother said he had been treated for obsessive compulsive disorder and Anorexia. It was also revealed that he had once attempted suicide.

He had previously escaped from a hospital.

He revealed to the secret service that if he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again.

According to him, had he not made the attempt on Trump's life in Las Vegas, he had already bought a ticket for Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where he would try again to kill him.

If found guilty for the assassination attempt on Trump,  Michael Sandford could face up to 10 years in prison.

source photo: mirror


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