Bunyadi restaurant: London's first naked restaurant ready for you

- 6/08/2016

Dine in the nude at the Bunyadi the first naked restaurant in London

Naked restaurant the Bunyadi opens in London

Taking your clothes off to take a shower may be quite a natural impulse,  but what about taking your clothes off to dine publicly?

Now that takes some imagination doesn't it?

And that is what the Bunyadi restaurant has come to offer its customers.

The Bunyadi is a restaurant where you dine in the nude.

Yes!  Your read correctly; you shed your clothes to eat naked and 'free' at this amazing new restaurant just opened its doors to paying customers in London for the first time.

The restaurant offers the most natural atmosphere free from the trappings of the modern world.

That includes phones, electric lights and of course clothes.

The Bunyadi restaurant already has almost 44,000 people on its waiting list.

The previlaged few who were invited to the soft opening of the restaurant to sample the experience have returned with positive reviews and amazement at the excellent service, and unforgettable experience.

These are some of the words used to describe the new naked restaurant in London.

Pure freedom.
The best staff and atmosphere. Flawless food.
To whoever gets to go, you will never forget it.

Others praised the food calling it inspiring and delicious.

This is what Yoann Belmere thought of his trial meal at the nude restaurant.

"You enter a cocktail bar and after a cocktail you're invited to change into a comfortable gown before being led to the atmospheric restaurant area where tables are separated by bamboo curtains, see-through to stimulate the brain but hidden enough to feel in your private booth.

"The raw food was exquisite too! Highly recommended with a group of friend or for a unusual experience with your special someone!"

The restaurant has sparked widespread curiosity and anticipation amongst the public. The waiting list is expected to grow.

The Bunyadi will officially open its doors to the public on June 11.

Until then, keep your clothes on and your fingers crossed.


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