Carl Bridgewater murder case reopens with suspect Bert Spencer

- 6/12/2016

40 years after Carl Bridgewater murder ex wife of suspect Bert Spencer reveals evidence 

Carl Bridgewater shooting investigation reopens
40 years ago a paper boy went to a farmhouse to deliver newspapers.  He was shot point blank in the head by an assailant with a shot gun.

The paper boy was 13 years old and his name was Carl Bridgewater.

In a murder that became one of the most controversial unsolved murders in Britain, 40 years on, new evidence has come to light in the notorious Carl Bridgewater murder case that shook a nation.

Janet Spencer the ex wife of the former suspect in the murder case Bert Spencer has now opened up and urged the the police to reopen the case as she believes her ex husband was involved in the murder.

Back in 1976 the 13 year old boy was shot in the full in the face with a shotgun as he delivered news papers to the Stourbridge, Staffs farmhouse were it is believed he unknowingly disturbed a robbery in progress.

Bert Spencer's ex wife has come forward to say that she believes her former husband must have pulled the trigger that day.

Initially Bert Spencer was the main suspect in the paper boy's murder because a car similar to his was seen near the scene at about the same time the murder was committed.

Bert who then worked as an ambulance attendant was identified by a witness who said that the man behind the wheel of the car was wearing an ambulance attendant's uniform.
Murder suspect Bert Spencer

But his case was thrown out
when a receptionist gave a solid alibi that Bert was at work at the time of the shooting. Her testimony freed him from suspicion.

But now the former receptionist Barbara Riebold has admitted to the police that she cannot really verify were Bert Spencer was on the day Carl Bridgewater was shot and killed.

Being his only alibi, her new testimony has now made him a suspect again.

But apart from his blown alibi,  two more things now make the case against Bert solid.

His ex wife's testimony states that during their 17 year marriage Bert admitted to her that he had not been to work at all that day.

Janet also recalled that he disposed of some clothes and got rid of his own shotgun soon after the boy was murdered.

Bert did go to prison later on for another crime;


About a year after Carl was killed,  during a party, Bert Spencer shot and killed Hubert Wilkes a 74 year old man who was a friend of his. He killed him with a shotgun.

He spent 15 years behind bars for the murder that had shocking similarities to the murder of Carl Bridgewater.

Now the the 76 year old Spencer will be probed again as a suspect for the murder of a 13 year old boy 40 years ago.

Source photos: Mirror


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