Curry house were David Beckham ate receives zero hygiene rating

- 6/18/2016

David Beckham gives thumbs up to curry house given Zero hygiene rating 

David Beckham enjoys meal in curry house paradise in longsight

He loved the food so much he vowed to return.

A curry house were David Beckham enjoyed a meal has been given zero hygiene rating by health inspectors.

The curry house paradise in longsight is located in Manchester England, and in March, it received the lowest hygiene rating score by health inspectors.

But the former star footballer David Beckham enjoyed his curry so much that he said he would visit them again next time he was in Manchester.

Beckham who had just come from attending the 'Stone roses' concert had ordered several curries, poppadoms and cola.

The star enjoyed his meal so much that he left behind a huge tip.

Mr Shahid Rasheed the manager of the curry house claimed his restaurant was given a zero rating after a particular customer found it hard to differentiate between a cockroach and a black cardamom seed found in their food.

Rasheed said that after Beckham's visit, a representative of the ex footballer called the next day to extend Becks gratitude. Saying they thoroughly enjoyed their meal.

"We’re pleased that David was happy with his meal and we are looking forward to seeing him again next time.

"We think he came here because we've got such a good reputation."
Mr Rasheed said.

Health inspectors had visited the restaurant three times recently and found no problems.

But Rasheed said the zero rating was an error, since a Cardamom seed which is a food ingredient, is black and can often resemble a cockroach when seen in food.
The customer was just confused.

The manager now wants to achieve the highest 5 star rating for his restaurant the next time the inspectors return, 3 months from now.
David Beckham 41, had arrived at the curry house at 1am after leaving the stone roses concert.

He and his 17 year old son Brooklyn and friends ordered an assortment of curry dishes and sodas and enjoyed their meal.

Beckham took photos with the star struck curry house staff and left a considerable tip.

For David,  the 'Paradise in longsight is definitely a 5 star rated restaurant.


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