Deadly ISIS executioner the bulldozer captured by Syrian army

- 6/02/2016

One of ISIS terror group's top executioners the bulldozer caught by Syrian army

Isis executioner captured by Syrian army

One of the most feared and deadly ISIS executioners nicknamed "the bulldozer" has been captured by Syrian army as shown in incredible photos and video clips.

The tall and overweight ISIS executioner who was said to be quickly rising in rank in the terror group was captured yesterday by Assad's invading Syrian army.

Pictured topless with his unbelievably bulging stomach and hands tied behind his back,  the bearded killer the bulldozer was thrown into the back of a truck by his captors.

The brutal killer was notorious for beheading unarmed men and even cutting of the limbs of children.

In his black flowing costume and masked face, the fat and masked murderer became particularly feared after he cut iff the hands and feet of a helpless 14 year  old boy.
Isis terrorist the bulldozer captured

A conspicious figure;the ISiS executioner was extremely overweight and easy to recognize due to his towering figure and large frame, as he spread terror through Iraqi towns and even in Yemen.

He was nicknamed the bulldozer after he was pictured wielding a 52kg machine gun with armour piercing bullets.

Often seen wielding a horrible long sword which he used in cutting off heads in front of large crowds, the bulldozer still covered his face in masks as he was fearful of being recognized.

But his reign of terror ended as a prisoner bound and shirtless in the back of an invading Syrian army truck.


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