Deadly kiss: girl with peanut allergy dies after giving boyfriend a kiss

- 6/09/2016

Girl get kiss of death from boyfriend 

Girl kisses boyfriend goodnight and dies from peanut allergy
Gir kisses boyfriend and dies few minutes later

The mother of a girl who died from a severe peanut allergy after giving her boyfriend a goodnight kiss has come out publicly to warn others who might have the same condition.

20 year old Myriam Ducre-Lemay from Montreal Canada had been at a party that day with her boyfriend before they left the party venue and went back to his place.

While they where there, her boyfriend made himself a sandwich.

But when they later shared a goodnight kiss, Myriam immediately began to have a shortness of breath.

Unfortunately she had gone out that day without her adrenaline pen. It was something she always had to carry around because of her peanut allergy. The only thing that could have saved her.

As her difficulty breathing worsened,  her condition began to quickly deteriorate.

Confused and in panic, she asked her boyfriend if he had eaten peanuts and when he told her he had, she knew then that she was in mortal danger. She asked him to call for help.

Just eight minutes after the paramedics arrived, while inside the ambulance Myriam suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. A sudden stop in blood circulation due to the heart's partial or total inability to pump.

The doctors struggled to revive her and succeeded,  but she shortly suffered  severe cerebral anoxia, a fatal condition where the brain is totally deprived of oxygen.

Twenty year old Myriam died that night.

When she had kissed  her boyfriend, traces of peanuts still left in his mouth from the sandwich he had just eaten, triggered a severe allergic reaction that had ended up killing her.
Myriam had told her mother that she just met a new boyfriend whom she liked.

But she had failed to inform him of her allergy to peanuts.

The omissions had cost her her life.

Doctor at a children's hospital in Montreal Canada say that traces of allergens can remain in a person's saliva for as long as 4 hours after eating.

And even the tiniest trace of allergen can prove to be disastrous.


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