Disturbing: Kim Jong-un and men celebrate ballistic missile launch

- 6/23/2016

North Korean leader celebrates launch of long range ballistic missile
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ballistic missile launch

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was all laughter and jubilation as he and his cheering men celebrated the North Korean ballistic missile launch.

This particular missile is the most recent show of strength for the North Korean dictator.

According to Kim Jong-un , the ballistic missile is allegedly so powerful it can hit the U.S in the Pacific.

The dictator's latest power claim comes a day after his personally oversaw the launching of two medium-range ballistic missiles.

The first of the missiles travelled only 150km before ending up in the ocean.
But it was the second launch that raised sick hopes for North Korean and raised concern for the rest of the world.

The missile travelled 400km reaching 1,000km altitude.
North Korea Ballistic missile testing in the Pacific

It was considered a huge success.

Japan's top military commander Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano who's country condemned the launch, had this to say;
"I raises deep concern over our national security"

Earlier this year Japanese authorities discovered a suspected nose cone of a rocket from a North Korean rocket on one of Japan's beaches.

They say the missile must have flown over the Japanese islands of Okinawa.

Amidst plunging his country into steep international sanctions, Kim has constantly ignored all warnings by the International community concerning nuclear testing and remains persistent in his desire to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

This is what the dictator had to say;

"We have the sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre."

Infact ,recently North Korea announced its first successful hydrogen bomb test.

Concern grows about the real intentions of the unpredictable North Korean dictator.


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