Ex wife of Orlando night club shooter says he was violent and unstable

- 6/12/2016
Omar Mateen pulse shooter

The ex wife of Orlando 'Pulse' night club shooter has revealed that during their marriage he was violent and unstable.

The terrified woman who asked to remain anonymous, said that her former husband Omar Mateen repeatedly beat her during their scary marriage.

Speaking in an interview with Washington post the woman revealed that 29 year old Mateen was not just violent, but also emotionally unstable.

She had met Mateen eight years ago online on social media and later moved down to Florida to be with him.

They married in 2009.

At the beginning Mateen was quite a normal person and showed no signs of aggression.

But within a short time,  after a few months actually he began to get get increasingly violent and beat her at the slightest excuse.

She said he would come home and start beating her up for flimsy reasons like for not doing the laundry on time or other such reasons.

She lived in great fear.

After a while the violence became a way of life and her family had to come down to Florida to get her out.

Happy to escape with her life, she left quickly with non of her non of her belongings.

Inspite of several attempts to reach her, she kept away from any contact with him.

They divorced in 2011.

Although Mateen eventually married again, the account of his first wife was a terrifying experience and a warning sign of instability.

She also revealed that Mateen, an American citizen who's family are originally from Afghanistan was born born in New York.

He also loved to go to the gym, he owned a small calibre handgun and worked as a security guard.

The FBI have confirmed that Omar Mateen was indeed a registered security guard and owned a state firearm license.

In an attack that has been called the worst ever mass shooting in American history Mateen's horrific attack took place on Sunday morning in an Orlando Florida gay nightclub.

Omar Mateen wearing an explosive vest  and armed with a high calibre riffle and a handgun stormed into the
'Pulse ' a gay nightclub where over 300 people were partying.

He opened fire on the defenseless clubbers inside killing 50 people and injuring 53 in a gruesome attack that eclipsed any that came before it.

Police eventually stormed the club and shot Mateen dead.

Reports have come in that Omar Mateen was an ISIS sympathizer and the islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack.


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