Family terrified by image of face captured during family photos

- 6/22/2016
A family has been left terrified after a a strange image appeared in a photo they  took with a camera phone.
Family finds scary image

The family got together to take photos when the eerie shot was captured on the phone's camera.

Ciara O’Callaghan noticed the strange image of a face in her iPhone when she checked  through her iPhone photos.

Infact the image looked so real that Facebook has given an option for users to TAG the face.

This is what Ciara said:

"My brother Glenn came down from Sligo and I took a picture of him with my niece Carly and nephew Sean in the kitchen.

'My niece took the phone from me to pass it over but it took a photo of the ceiling by accident.

"I didn’t take any notice until I looked though the photos again."
IPhone image of face shows up on family photo

In the bid to understand the image, her brother in law uploaded it to photo shop to adjust colour and contrasts, but instead of giving them a logical view, it only brought out the image more clearly.

She said they know nobody that looks like that.

And why was it floating around the ceiling? Hovering over their heads while they took family pictures.

Strangely, Ciara has lived in the house with her husband for the last six years and the house had never had a history of strange sightings or unexplained happenings.


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