Father forgets infant daughter in hot van puts her in refrigerator to save her

- 6/24/2016
Tragedy has struck a family of five in Texas as a father forgets infant child in hot car and attempts to revive her by putting her in a fridge.
Father tries to save infant child by putting her in refrigerator

Michael Thedford a father of three arrived at a day care Center to drop off his kids, and noticed that his youngest, 6 month old daughter Fern Thedford was feverish.

So instead of dropping the sick child at the day center,  he wisely decided to take her back home.
So he dropped off his 5 year old and 3 year old children at the center and headed back to home with his infant daughter.

He drove his van with the girl inside back to their home in Melissa Texas.

But when Michael got to the house,  he did something that wasn't so wise. Something quite baffling actually.

He decided he was really tired and needed a short nap.

All normal. I mean a man has got to sleep.
But the scary thing was that he forgot the sick infant inside the van out in the hot Texas sun and went indoors for his short nap.

He slept for four hours.

The temperature outside on that day was about 95 degrees.

Past noon, Michael Thedford awoke  and realized for the first time that his daughter was still in the van.

Horrified, he rushed outside and flung open the van door.
He found his daughter "stiff" as a board and "hot as a brick." inside the steaming van.

In a desperate attempt to revive the child Micheal placed her inside the family refrigerator.

He left her there for an uncertain length of time.

After he pulling her from the fridge, he gave her CPR. But when all had failed, he finally called the authorities and his wife.

The police remained to question Michael after the paramedics had left. And in front of a camera he was asked to re-enact what happened.

Always seen as a happy and stable family, Michael worked as a substitute teacher, while his wife was a well known veterinarian in the area.

Infact testimonies of Michael as a loving father has poured in after the incident.

Bill Hemby, the assistant superintendent of Celina high school where Michael once taught,  described him as a rocket science smart man who deeply loved his children.

The death of 6 month old Fern through the inexplicable carelessness of her 'loving father' has shocked the local community.

Now Michael Thedford of Melissa Texas has been charged with man slaughter.

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