Find out celebrity who's Hollywood Walk of fame star is being vandalized

- 6/14/2016

People urinate on the Hollywood star and even have their dogs go to the bathroom on it

Donald Trump's Hollywood star

One of the most popular sights in Los Angeles is the Hollywood walk of fame.

This beautiful walk has more than 2500 stars that honour celebrities from the past and the present for their achievements.

Everyday as thousands of people walk over these stars,  they are presented with the opportunity to  pay tribute to their celebrity favorites dead or alive.

Many notable celebrities have had their stars honored in recent time.

Late boxer Muhammad Ali for instance who requested that his own star be placed on the wall and not the floor, because he didn't want his star being walked on by people who didn't have respect for him.

His request was granted and his star has received tremendous tribute in the wake of death.

But there is another celebrity who's Hollywood Walk of fame star is getting an entirely different kind of tribute.

I bet you may have guessed  who our mystery celebrity is by now.

Donald Trump's star is vandalised in Los Angeles walk of fame

Donald Trump was given a Star on the Hollywood walk in 2007 for his outstanding achievement in television with the apprentice.

This was long before he showed his political ambitions.

Now a public petition for his star to be removed from the walk of fame has been signed by over 41,000 people.

The star remains there of course, but it is taking terrible punishment on a daily basis as people spit, urinate and even let their dogs defecate on Donald Trump's Hollywood star.

Thing like swastikas and other cryptic messages have been sprayed on the star as certain people use this as a medium to express their dislike for Trump and all he stands for.

The cleaning crew are having a horrible time trying to get the constant mess cleaned up.


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