Girl posts her 70 inch bum on instagram prove it's not photoshopped

- 6/22/2016
A woman has posted her amazing 70 inch bum on instagram to show people that it's natural and not the work of photoshop.
Raylynn 70 inch bum on instagram

Raylynn has become popular on instagram primarily because of her mind blowing assets.

Thanks to several photos of her bum,  the woman from Atlanta has amassed over 120,000 instagram fans.

But after some unbelieving fans expressed that there was no way her huge behind was not photoshopped,  she had to post a video online to show her skeptics that her bum is 100% real.

After posting the video, it was watched over 133,000 times and counting.

The captivating video shows the gorgeous Raylynn moving around  her living room.
Instagram fans view Raylynn bum videos

She is dressed in a tight white top and a tight black pair of pants.

She occasionally wriggles her bum and one time slapped it to make it shake.

An altogether mesmerizing clip, as proven by the thousands of new fans and comments she received. Many have praised her for loving her body.

Raylynn who is a mum, suffers from lymphoedema.

Its a condition that causes body tissue to swell.
But she has proven that she can use it to great advantage.

She has also proven that she is an astute business woman as she set up a subscription service for her fans who want to get extra videos and photos.

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