Gunman shoots 20 takes hostages in Orlando gay nightclub(breaking)

- 6/12/2016

Shooter storms gay night club 'pulse' in Orlando and shoots 20 before taking hostages

Gunman shoots 20 people and takes hostages in pulse gay nightclub

Night of horror in pulse gay nightclub shooting as attacker takes hostages.

A gunman has shot 20 people in a gay nightclub after dashing into the nightclub in Orlando Florida and opening fire on the crowd of clubbers  inside.

The armed attacker fired his weapon into the 320 strong crowd and killing at least 20 people and eventually killing a total of 49 people and injuring over 50.

People have panicked and fled the scene as the gunman remains inside the club.

After shooting down 20 clubbers, the man was said to have taken hostages as it seems he intends to draw out the gruesome episode.

Police have arrived at the scene as the gunman remains inside the club with hostages.

Reports say there are fears the man is also wearing a bomb and intends to carry out an obviously premeditated plan.

We'll bring you more on this shooting and hostage situation at the Pulse gay night club in Orlando Florida as this night of horror unfolds.


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