Holiday woman drugged and raped in Qatar is convicted and deported

- 6/13/2016

Dutch woman sexually assaulted in Qatar is convicted for adultery and deported

Female tourist in Qatar convicted for adultery
A young woman who claimed she had been drugged and raped during an outing at a Qatar night club has been convicted for adultery under Sharia law and deported.

The 22 year old Dutch tourist was given a one year suspended sentence by the court and ordered for her deportation back to her native country Holland.

An official of the Sharia court in Qatar explained that the sentence given to her was actually lenient.  He said that if the woman had been a Muslim,  she would have received nothing less than a 5 year sentence for having sex outside marriage.

Muslim residents in Qatar are usually given stiff sentences  for the same crime.

According to the woman's story, she had gone dancing at a hotel in Doha were alcohol was allowed.

But she left her drink unattended. And when she returned to her table and sipped from it, she began to feel ill.

The next thing she could remember was waking up in a strange apartment and coming to the shocking realization that she had been sexually assaulted .

Her alleged attacker, a citizen of Syria by the name of Omar Abdullah al-Hasan did not escape punishment.

He was sentenced to receive 140 lashes for adultery and drunkenness.

After his punishment he shall be deported to his country.

This incident has raised fresh fears about the 2022 World cup which Qatar is to host.

Many feel the country is not yet ready to host the world.

The Dutch Embassy in Qatar have give the woman every help they can, but refuse to give any more comment about the incident.

But the woman's family are just happy she will be coming home.


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