Hospital staff masturbates himself to death watching adult movie

- 6/11/2016

Hospital worker dies while masturbating 

Tragic and weird death as man dies masturbating in a hospital.

Hospital worker dies from masturbation

Death by masturbation has struck again.

In a bizarre twist of fate that led to his untimely demise, a male hospital worker has been discovered dead after masturbating himself to death.

The incident which occurred at the North central Bronx hospital in New York was shocking to behold.

The 48 year old man's body was found in an isolated part of the  hospital New York hospital were he worked.

Reports say the man was found naked and slumped in a chair with a laptop in front of him showing adult  videos.
It was obvious the man was watching adult videos on a laptop  and masturbating at the time of death.

He suffered a fatal heart attack masturbating  in a secluded hospital area.

His colleagues at the hospital are in shock.

The police suspect no foul play in his death as investigations revealed that he had died from a heart attack due to masturbation.

Several people in the past have died from pleasuring themselves too, but one case that stood out for its incredible circumstances was the case in Portland were a teenager masturbated himself to death on
 valentine's Day.

The teenager Jerome Carpenter was found dead in his bedroom after masturbating an unbelievable 56 times without stopping.

His heart couldn't take it and he died from a heart attack in the process.

It was reported that Jerome was depressed because he was alone on valentine's day.


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