Hyena attacks teenager's face while he slept in his tent at Kruger National Park

- 6/27/2016
The wild Hyena attacked the teenager while he was asleep in his tent at the Kruger National Park.
Hyena crushes teenager's face in South while he slept

The hyena attacked him and crushed his jaw like biscuits.

15 year old Erco Janse van Rensburg was sound asleep in his tent when the ferocious animal sneaked in.

He was suddenly bitten on the face by the hyena before it dragged him by the collar of his pyjamas and pulled him out of his bed. The beast then sat on top of him in order to finish him off.

You must understand that hyenas have one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom.

It is known that its bite is strong enough to crush the thigh bone of an elephant.

That may be why the teenager later described the sound of the hyena crushing his jaw bones, 'like chips breaking in a packet.'

 But the shock, the terror, and the excruciating pain that Erco felt, must have been beyond words.

The incident took place by 4:30 am after the Hyena crawled through a break in the security fence and entered the tent where the boy was sound asleep.

The boy was rushed to hospital in Nelspruit area after the animal attack, before being airlifted to Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg.

He has had emergency plastic and reconstructive surgery to repair extensive damages to his mouth and jaw.

The hyena escaped the camp after the attack and park rangers are still hunting for the deadly predator.


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