Jaws of death:terrifying photos as great white shark attacks baby seal

- 6/28/2016
Great white shark attacks baby seal
Baby seal is terrified as hungry great white shark attacks it in a 5 minutes chase of life and death.

A baby seal managed to escape death after a nightmare pursuit by a great white shark.

This particular great white shark was huge. It weighed close to one thousand pounds and was clearly intent on feasting on the baby seal.

But in an incredible and scary chase that ended suddenly, the 6 month old seal defied the jaws of death to live another day.
Baby seal escapes death at hands of great white shark

Using an ingenious strategy, the seal leaped away from the gaping mouth and razor sharp teeth of the ocean's greatest predator and leaped towards its tail.

This caused the shark to turn around in circles as it followed the seal.

At certain moments it appeared the chase was over as the shark lunged at the seal and almost secured it in its powerful jaws.

This high speed chase lasted a full five minutes and took place at an area called Seal Island, False Bay close to Cape Town South Africa.

The baby seal's strategy paid off as the great white soon tired of the round about motion with its smaller prey.

The seal managed to jump onto land to join other seals.  About 60,000 of them.

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