Lane Graves found 17 hours after being dragged down by alligator

- 6/16/2016

 Body of 2 year old boy found in of disney lagoon after alligator attack
Two year old boy found dead at Disney after alligator attack

Tuesday night: Disney world Resort Florida.

The Graves family spent some holiday time at the Disney resort lagoon. It was at that moment that  Lane Graves, two year old boy holidaying with his parents at the Walt Disney world Resort in Orlando Florida, went into the Disney lagoon and paddled 10 feet beyond the 'no swimming' zone.

The boy's father and mother were nearby when an alligator snatched the 2 year old and dragged him into the water.

His father ran into the water and tried and failed to wrestles the boy from the powerful jaws of the alligator.

More than 50 rescue workers toiled night and day searching for the boy, before he was finally found dead at the bottom of the lagoon 17 hours  after he was snatched by the reptile.

Police authorities commented on the alligator attack  saying the boy's body
 was 'intact' when he was pulled from the bottom of the Lagoon by divers.

Lane Graves and his father Mathew 42 and his 38 year old mother Melissa had been at the Lagoon with their son that day, despite the clear 'No swimming' sign put
Jerry Demmings the Orange County sheriff says the boy's parents are unlikely to face charges of neglect.

But Walt Disney world Resort Orlando Florida  has come under heavy criticism for not indicating clear alligator warning signs in its resort.

Disney has responded saying they are  currently reviewing their resort signs.

The gruesome death of Lane Graves occurred while Disney were getting around to putting up appropriate warning signs on their resort.

His life maybe lost; nothing can change that. Just like nothing can change the presence of humans and alligators living side by side in Florida.

But the one thing that can change is Disney world putting up appropriate warning signs so that no more innocent lives are lost.

Our hearts go out the the Graves family in the wake of this traumatic loss.


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