Lionel Ritchie reveals when he was summoned by Muhammad Ali

- 6/08/2016

Singer Lionel Ritchie reveals close relationship he had with Muhammad Ali 

Lionel Ritchie has revealed what took place when he was summoned by Muhammad Ali to his home.
Lionel Ritchie and Muhammad Ali friends

The "All night long" singer narrated this when he appeared as a guest on "The view" where he told live audiences how he was suprised by a mysterious phone call from the late heavy weight champion of the world Muhammad Ali.

With fondness this is what Lionel Ritchie said.

"It's one of the great memories of my life. Muhammad of course was my hero, as a black male in America. He did something that no-one else could do. He could talk his walk, and walk his talk"

Ritchie said that he recognized the voice of the boxing legend on the other end instantly. And this is what Ali said.

"This is the heavyweight champion, come by my house right now."

The first thing Ali told the singer when he  finally arrived at his home was that he was late.

Ali then requested that Lionel play him a song on his piano.

The song the charismatic boxer requested was Lionel Ritchie's 1978  hit with the Commodores from their album "Natural High" 'Once, Twice, Three Times a lady'

But he asked for some modifications to the song so that it would go;
'Once, Twice, Three times a champion'

Ali and Lionel remained friends until his death.

Ritchie has paid special tribute to his friend ahead of the funeral in Louisville Kentucky.

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