Man is arrested for Melanie Hall murder 20 years after her death

- 6/24/2016
A man has been arrested for the murder of Melanie Hall which occurred 20 years ago.
Melanie Hall killer caught 20 years after murder

The Melanie Hall murder occured

about twenty years ago. Her body was found 13 years after her death, and her suspected killer was caught 20 years after her murder.

Years ago,  Melanie hall went missing after leaving a night club.
No one was charged for her abduction or her murder; until now.
A man 45, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Melanie Hall, but he is yet to be publicly named.

Young blonde woman Melanie was last seen in the wee hours as she left the Cadillacs nightclub in Walcot Street in Bath.

This was in June of 1996.

What remained of her body were not discovered until 2009 inside some vegetation.

Police Superintendent Andy Bevan had this to say

"Melanie’s parents have been informed of the arrest and will continue to be supported and updated on the progress of our inquiry by specialist family liaison officers."

There are shocking similarities between this case and the case of Melanie Road who's killer was not caught until 32 years after the murder. Her killer lived free, raising a family, until he was nailed by a twist of fate by a 3 decade old DNA sample.
Police are confident that they might be able to pull the same DNA feat with The Melanie Hall murder.

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