Man who threw acid in woman's face seen smiling next to victim on Facebook

- 6/21/2016
Acid attacker Billy Midmore seen laughing beside victim's photo in Facebook profile
Billy Midmore acid attack on woman

A young thug who threw acid in the face of a woman and caused her horrific injuries could have more time added to his prison sentence after a photo of him smiling next to his screaming victim was uploaded on Facebook.

23 year old Billy Midmore was seen smiling and holding up a smartphone with the photo of his acid attack victim as she was holding her face and screaming after the deadly attack.

Strangely, the photo was uploaded on Midmore's Facebook profile even though he was prison.

People in custody are not allowed to use social media like Facebook and Twitter while locked up.
Carla Whitlock acid attack victim

A distasteful quiz was also shared on Midmore's Facebook profile which read; "Is there a serial killer hiding in yourself? "
He replied that he had "big big potential"

In September last year Billy Midmore was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on a woman Carla Whitlock.

Since social media is not allowed in custody, Police do not know who is running Midmore's Facebook page.

Prison officials have raided his cell and searched it.
Midmore has been put into the prison's segregation unit as investigation is carried out.

If Billy is found guilty, he will have more years added to his pending prison sentence.

The vicious acid attack which was planned by two brothers Geoffrey  and Billy Midmore, took place last year outside a bar in Southamton, Hampshire.

During the trial the court heard how the attack was a "debt to be paid" arranged by the two brothers.

After Carla Whitlock had called asking for £100 worth of drugs.

The court was shown a CCTV footage of Billy Midmore purchasing the drain cleaner that was used in the attack.

Geoffrey had sent him a text that read "This is the one. Face melter."

The brothers will be sentenced for the hideous acid attack at the Southampton Crown Court on Tuesday.


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