Nick Canon refuses to divorce Mariah Carey she gets desperate

- 6/06/2016

Mariah Carey desperate to divorce Nick Cannon 

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey marriage and divorce is

Singing sensation Mariah Carey has been facing some trouble with former husband Nick Cannon.

The 46 year old singer has stated clearly that  it was over between her and the drum line actor and comedian.

It is quite apparent that Mariah Carey is desperate to divorce the love don't  cost a thing star and move on.

But the problem is Cannon; he simply  refuses to sign the divorce papers that would set Mariah free.

Currently Carey is engaged  to Billionaire casino mogul James Packer.

Mariah who is one of the highest paid singers in the world,  has been trying to get Cannon the sign the divorce papers for about a year now,  but the drum line actor has done everything to avoid putting ink to paper and officially ending their marriage.

Sources have revealed that Nick Cannon 35, has not given the reason why he is refusing to sign, and this is causing Carey to get desperate and frustrated.

The high profile couple separated in 2014 August and Nick himself officially filed for separation three months later.

Although Nick is rumoured to be dating no one currently,  it still baffles everyone that he would keep things on the edge this way.

Mariah who got engaged to Australian business man Parker in January is trying to close the chapter of her marriage with Cannon legally so she can marry Packer.

If she does marry him,  it would be the the singer's third marriage.
She was first married to former Sony records boss Tommy Mottola back in 1993.
Her marriage to Nick  produced a lot of controversy and also produced her four year old twins to whom Nick  is the father.

Her new love interest 48 year old James Packer has also been married twice. First to Johdi Meares,  a marriage which lasted three years and then to Erika with whom he had his three children.  That union was dissolved in 2013.

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