Meet the sexy humanoid robot so pretty people fell in love with her

- 6/29/2016
Female humanoid robot Jia jia

Her name is Jia Jia and she is the sexy female humanoid robot that fans are flocking to see in China.

Not only is she incredibly life-like, but she is also pretty, witty and smart.

Jia Jia is loaded with advanced artificial intelligence that enables her communicate with people so realistically that they almost forget they are talking to a robot.

While others found themselves enjoying her company so much they wished she was real.

And as she stood elegantly at the entrance of the exhibition venue hosting this year's summer Davos forum in the Tianjin city of China, people couldn't get enough of her.
Artificial intelligence that enables female robots communicate

She's got a great brain; purely artificial intelligence of course.  Actually her brain which is a huge online database, enables her to process speech and even emotions of the people around her.

Dressed in beautiful traditional Chinese costume, and sporting an impressive hairstyle and even makeup, the humanoid robot drew lots of adoring fans through her  appearance.

But it was her communication skills that really got people hooked.

Jia Jia can have conversations with people and answer their questions in less than one second.

She is capable of natural looking facial expressions and can recognize facial
expressions of the people around her.

Engineer Chen Xiaoping of the University of science and technology of China and his team developed the popular robot that stole the show and captured people hearts at the exhibition hall.


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