Moment female Tv presenter suffers wardrobe malfunction on live TV

- 6/30/2016

Female Tv journalist exposes breast on live TV  broadcast 

Tv journalist exposes herself on live TV

Embarrassing and unexpected moment when a TV presenter suffers major wardrobe malfunction and exposes herself on live TV.

A TV journalist lost control of her clothes during a live broadcast and gave viewers much more than they  bargained for.

The presenter, Sonya Cortes got excited and carried away while presenting a popular show called 'I know everything.'

The live program was being broadcast on WAPA television Puerto Rico, and Sonya's wardrobe malfunction became the major highlight of the day.

During the show she got excited and jumped onto a table, but unfortunately one side of her dress got caught on the table, and white dress was pulled down to expose her left breast.

She reacted swiftly and pulled the betraying dress back into place.

But it was too little too late. The live cameras covering the programme had already captured the incident and beamed it to thousands of viewers.

Recently, more and more television presenters are suffering wardrobe mishaps that eventually become a buzz on the internet.

Last month, A female presenter Alina Moine suffered a wardrobe incident when she accidentally whipped up her curiously short mini dress on live TV, to expose flesh coloured underwear to stunned viewers.

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