Name the town: Guess the 5 Nigerian states in these 5 (photos)

- 6/17/2016

Guess the Nigerian towns in these 5 photos

This is Nigeria. Nigerians are beautiful people and the land is most certainly green.

But how well do you know homeland?

When presented with a photo or a video footage of Nigerian states and towns,  will you be able to identify the names and places you are looking at? I know it's a big country, but hey! Don't worry.  I'm not telling you to travel around it—just name the states you see in the photos by identifying their popular landmarks.
The sights, sounds, weather and even the people in Nigeria can vary dramatically and look quite unique from place to place.

Except for the popular Nigerian landmarks and sights, most Nigerian towns have the strange tendency of looking alike when viewed in photos.

Perhaps this is because of the constant hustle that can often be observed in these photographs.

Hustle is the Nigerian story.

Here are 5 different photos of 5 different states in Nigeria. Can you guess which town is which?

See if you can match names with these photos.
Let's see how Nigerian smart you are.
Let's go!

1. Photo one:

Nigerian states

2. Photo two:
Nigerian towns

3. Photo three:
States in Nigeria

4. Photo four
Nigerian states photos

5. Photo five:

                   States in Nigeria photos

Did you take a close look at each photo? Did you guess right? Or wrong?

Let us know. You can put your answers in the comment box below.

Thanks for educating us!

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