Niger Delta Avengers ask President Buhari for Brexit type referendum for Nigeria

- 6/25/2016
Niger Delta Avengers want President Buhari to follow David Cameron's Brexit example.
Nigerian Militants Niger Delta Avengers

Today the Niger Delta Militant group; the Niger Delta avengers sent a statement to Nigerian President Buhari to call for a referendum in Nigeria.

The self proclaimed avengers of the Niger Delta people want President Buhari to follow the recent example of UK prime Minister David Cameron, who spearheaded Brexit and succeeded in getting over 30 million Britons to vote leave or Stay in the EU.

The UK Brexit vote resulted in Britain leaving the EU.

The UK referendum obviously appealed to the Militants.

Now the Niger Delta Militants want Buhari to give Nigerians the same opportunity to vote to stay or remain together as a nation Nigeria.

This is due to the dire economic, social political and religious instability in the country. Particularly in their own area of operation;the Niger Delta.

They have even invited the Nigerian President to come as see for himself, the horrible situation the crude oil exploitation has caused for the Niger Delta people.

This is a copy of the statement sent by Niger Delta Avengers to President Buhari.

The Nigeria President Buhari should visit  Ugborodo host to Chevron  crude oil Export terminal/EGTL gas plant, Ogulagha host to Shell For cados Crude Oil Export terminal/tank farm, Bonny Island host to Shell Bonny Crude Oil Export terminal/NLNG gas terminal, Brass host to Agip/ENI export terminal, Ibeno host to ExxonMobil Qua Iboe crude export terminal.

These are just the export terminals not talking about the numerous oil and gas flow stations and the oil Wells that criss cross the length and breadth of the Niger delta.Mr. President come and see for yourself what the host communities are going through in the hands of Nigeria government and the multinationals.

Brig. Gen Moduch Abginibo


For several months now, the Niger Delta Militants have increased the tempo of their attacks as they vandalise and blow up oil pipelines, vowing to cripple the Nigerian economy.

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