Palestinian terrorist stabs 13 year old Jewish girl to death in her bedroom

- 6/30/2016

Teenage girl stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist 

13 year old Jewish girl is stabbed by Palestinian terrorist

Horrific ending: 13 year old Jewish girl stabbed to death in her bedroom by Palestinian terrorist. 

A Jewish girl has died from fatal stab wounds after being attacked by a young Palestinian terrorist.

The attacker managed to sneak into Kiryat Arba, a Judean community located outside Hebron.

Wielding a knife, he broke into the girl's home and viciously stabbed her to death.

Young Jewish girl has been murdered in her bedroom

The killer who was identified as a resident of Bani Na'im, an Arab village, had breached the security fence of the Judean community and entered the house closest to the fence.

He found the 13 year old girl asleep in her bed and stabbed her repeatedly in her upper body.

Also the terrorist attacked and stabbed a civilian security officer in the face before Isreali security guards shot him dead. 

Paramedics arrived and found the teenager who was identified as Hallel Yaffe Ariel, unconscious and in critical  condition. 

But she died shortly afterwards from multiple stab wounds. 

The injured civilian security officer is said to be recovering. 

Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah, released a statement , calling on Palestinian leaders to condemn the attack on the community and the murder of the 13 year old eight grader. 

Here is an excerpt from Netanyah's statement;

"The horrific murder of an innocent girl in her bed sheds light on the bloodlust and lack of humanity displayed by the terrorists we are facing"

The Judean community continue to mourn the shocking death of the young girl. 


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