Photo of Benard Kenny hero who tried to save MP Jo Cox from killer

- 6/20/2016
Benard Kenny the 77 year old pensioner who tried to stop savage attack on MP Jo Cox
77 year old Hero of Benard Kenny
Hero Benard Kenny 

The brave and fearless 77 year old pensioner who was stabbed in the abdomen while trying to save the MP Jo Cox from the deranged attacker has received glowing hero praises, and calls for him to receive the 'George cross'

Benard Kenny was stabbed in the liver with a 10 inch knife as he struggled with Jo Cox's attacker.

He had seen her fall to the ground after being shot and stabbed and he had rushed from his car in a last attempt to save her.

But in the ensuing struggle,  he was stabbed with the same knife the killer had used on the MP.

The blade pierced his liver and missed his heart and other vital organs by a fraction.

The pensioner fell to the ground beside the bleeding Cox.

Eyewitnesses say he had put his own life at risk as he physically intervened in the attack.

But when he was struck and fell to the ground, every body else backed off.

But while he was on the ground, he indicated to his wife who was nearby that he was 'OK'.

Hero who tried to save MP Jo Cox from killer
MP Jo Cox 

Benard was taken to the Leeds general infirmary were it was reported that he is in stable condition.

Immediately after the brutal attack, Colin Frith, a dance teacher, who went to help Bernard, had this to say about the 77 year old grandfather and father of two.

"He must be honoured for his bravery.

It takes a true hero, a very brave person, to put his own life at risk to try to save someone else’s.

“He is a true gentleman and his family must be so proud of him.”

Hundreds of people are now calling out in an online appeal for him to be given the prestigious  George Cross which is the highest award for bravery for a civilian.

Amazingly, this is not the first time Benard Kenny is being recognized for bravery.

Back in 1973 he was amongst the rescue team who tried to save trapped miners during the lofthouse mining disaster.

As the hero lays in hospital recuperating from injuries he sustained during the gruesome attack, a Gofundme page is raising money for him.

source photo: daily mirror


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