Photo of ISIS killer who stabbed French policeman and wife to death

- 6/14/2016
First picture of ISIS killer who stabbed policeman and wife to death 
ISIS terrorist kills police officer and his wife

The first photo and the name of the ISIS terrorist who shot stabbed and killed top French police officer and wife has been released.

The ISIS killer Larossi Abballa is a 25 year old French citizen with a shady terror history.

Top French cop Jean-Baptiste Salvaing was stabbed over and over again in the throat and stomach by Larossi until he died.

The incident occured  during the night at the police officer's home in Magnanville, Paris.

 Jean-Baptiste Salvaing 42, who held the rank of captain with the French judicial police  was first attacked by Larossi and stabbed repeatedly, before the killer turned on his wife.

Strangely in 2013 Abballa was sentenced to 3 years in prison on the charge of association with criminals preparing terrorist acts.

Sadly the convicted terrorist only spent 3 months behind bars before his release.

This grave incident comes at a time when French police are on full terror and security alert in the wake of unprecedented violence during the Euro 2016 football tournament being hosted in France.

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and wife killed by ISIS terrorist

Police stormed Salvaing's home and shot and killed Larossi while he was chanting allegiance to ISIS.

The top police officer's wife also died during a police raid on the apartment as officers stormed the building in a rescue attempt.

It is not currently known if the police captain's wife was  killed during the police raid or by Larossi.

The only survivor of the horrific night was the couples 3 year old son,  who was in great shock but unharmed.


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