Police hunt for woman who sold freezer with mother's body in it

- 6/06/2016

Woman sells freezer containing dead mother's  body in it

Woman sells freezer with mother's body inside

Sometime life only keeps getting crazier, or colder as it did in the case of a 56 year old woman who's horrific use of a freezer went way beyond keeping food fresh.

North Carolina police are hunting for a woman who allegedly sold a deep freezer to her neighbor which contained the body of her dead mother.

Reports obtained by PEOPLE states that the police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Marcella Jean Lee of Goldsboro North Carolina.

If only they can find her.

Lee is charged with failing to report the death of her mother who was aged 75 at the time of her death.

Reports say that other criminal charges are likely to follow.

Lee's mother Roush lived with her daughter in the same apartment.

Police believe that Lee sold off the freezer and left the Goldsboro area soon afterwards.

Before the deal was made Lee told the buyer that she was moving to Virginia and needed to sell the freezer.

She did however say that she had intended to loan the freezer to her local church who needed it for a church function.

The new buyer gamely agreed to see to it herself,  and bought the unit from Lee for $30

But when three weeks had passed and the church still hadn't come to borrow the freezer, the new owner decided to remove the duct tape that was wrapped around the freezer so she could crank it open and start using it.

What she found inside was Lee's mother's lifeless body wrapped up in a sheet.

The autopsy carried out on the body revealed no sign of murder, but investigations are still ongoing.

But things will be much clearer if police can get a hold of Lee who is still nowhere to be found.

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