Rock singer Meat loaf collapses on stage in Canada midway through a song

- 6/17/2016
Meat Loaf collapses on stage while singing hit song  I'd do anything for love
Fans of meat loaf rush to his aid as he collapses during concert

Meat Loaf collapsed on stage while performing at the Jubilee auditorium  Edmonton in Canada.

Just days ago the 68 year old rock legend pulled out of a show due to undisclosed health problems.

Still holding the mic, the Texan was in the middle of his hit song I'd do anything for love' when he suddenly collapsed on the stage floor on Thursday night, in front of hundreds of fans.

Apart from other documented health issues, Meat loaf suffers from a rare heart condition that causes him to have an irregular heart beat.

Several fans recorded the video of the rocker as he stopped midday in the song and crumbled to the floor.

Fans and officials rushed to his aid and one fan even said that he was revived, and seemed okay.

Some other fans at the venue said that even before his collapse, he wasn't looking good, and he was forgetting words from the songs.

Due to privacy reasons, health officials have refused to disclose the cause of his current health crises.

But it is no secret that the star has been plagued by recurring health problems.

 It isn't the first time Meat Loaf has collapsed on stage either.

On two different occasions in 2003 and 2011 the singer collapsed while performing on stage.

He suffers from athsma and a rare condition called Wolff Parkinson-white syndrome that causes him to have irregular heart beat.

Meat loaf also seems to have nine lives,  having survived several deadly accidents and near death experiences over the years.

He once crashed his car so badly it rolled over.

Another time, during a shot put event, he was hit in the head by the heavy metal ball.

He survived.

He once jumped of a stage during a concert and broke both his legs.
And he survived a plane crash.

Just like his highest selling album 'Bat out of hell' which sold a staggering 43 million copies world wide, and still sells 200,000 copies every year even though it was released four decades ago, Meat Loaf has shown incredible resilience and exellence in his life, health and career.

We are praying for the recovery of the Grammy award winning rockstar.


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