Super model Kate Moss quits booze in loving effort to help boyfriend

- 6/19/2016

Kate Moss gives up alcohol for two weeks to support Count Nikolai von Bismarck

Kate moss quits booze for lover

Can Kate Moss really give up booze for love?
The popular super model Kate Moss has gone an extra mile to give up booze in order to help boyfriend Count Nickolai Von Biscmack in his rehab efforts.

Kate's 29 year old lover Count Nickolai recently went into rehab to help him stop some of his extreme partying habits.

The fun loving pair who are known to party and drink extensively, are now trying to draw strength from each other as they tread the long and hard road to an alcohol free life.

Kate Moss who is infamous for her partying and drinking habits for the last two decades,  has now been off booze for a remarkable  two weeks so far.

Although no one knows how long this little phenomenon will last, people do agree that Kate and Nickolai are looking so much better physically since they started on their drop the booze efforts.

The 42 year old super model is certainly making progress with her plan.

Kate's friends say that it isn't the first time she has quit, but this time it seems really serious.

Sources say she loves count Nikolai and has only given the booze up to help him.

Two weeks is a pretty long time for someone who drinks regularly and heavily to stay off the booze.

Thumbs up Kate!

Less booze in your your tummy and more grease to your elbow.


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