The voice contestant Alejandro Fuente shot dead days after Grimmie death

- 6/19/2016
Second the voice contestant shot dead just days after Christina Grimmie death 
The voice contestant Alejandro Fuentes shot dead

The bizarre and unexplained spate of murders and shootings continue as another voice contestant is shot dead just days after Christina Grimmie death.

45 year old Alejandro Fuentes who contested in the Mexico version of the Voice was shot three times in the head after he just finished celebrating his 45th birthday with his friends.

The talented singer was sitting in his car when an armed man walked up to the car and pointed the weapon at him.

The man ordered Fuentes to get out of the car.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Fuentes refused to leave the car.

The assailant then fired several shots into his head.
Mexican voice contestant Alejandro Fuentes killed

Fuentes was rushed to the Mount Sanai hospital were he was pronounced dead a short while later.

The killer remains unidentified and nobody has been arrested in connection to the crime.

Alejandro Fuentes contested in the Mexican version of the Voice in 2011.

People  who knew him said that he was the most talented person they had ever known.

His death comes just days after another the voice contestant Christina Grimmie was shot dead by an obsessed stalker while signing autographs after a performing at a concert in Orlando Florida.

The late Christina Grimmie came 3rd in the US version the voice contest 2014, which Adam Levine won.

This is the second shooting and death of a contestant from the popular talent show in just one week.


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