Top 8 best rappers of all time:hip hop artistes hall of fame

- 6/19/2016
Best hip hop artistes
Rap is a raw and captivating skill that only a select number of artistes have been able to turn into pure genius talent.
Certified and bona fide. These top 8 rappers are so good you don't even have to be a rap fan to recognize and appreciate their hot entertainment value.

They are undoubtedly the best rappers of all time.

Lyrical,rhythmic, philosophical and sometimes loud they are all cut from different cloth.

They bring a beautiful flavour built on diversity and style to hip hop music . This is a combination that's hard to resist.  This makes talented group of artistes stand out now and always from the pack of talented rap stars out there, as they take their rightful place on the genius pedestal forever.

Let's meet these artistes who have helped make the genre an incredible and lucrative art form.

Meet the very Best Hip Hop artistes in rap music history 

These are the top 8 best rappers ever 

1.  Eminem
     Eminem best rappers in history
American rapper actor and producer Eminem is 46 years old. He is the highest selling hip-hop artiste of all time with 172 million albums sold. He is also the one of the most popular rap musicians in the world today.

2. Tupac
    Tupac best gansta rapper ever
Legendary 2pac was an American rapper and actor whose brilliant and tumultuous life and career were cut short at the age of 25.
He has sold 75 million albums and is widely considered not just one of the best hip hop artistes ever, but one of the best music performers of all time.

3. The Notorious BIG 
Notorious big best rappers of all time
Aka biggie smalls, was brilliant American rapper and songwriter who was killed in an unsolved drive by shooting on march 9th 1997.
He sold 17 million albums even though he released only 4 albums during his life. He is considered one of the best lyricists in history.

4. Nas
     Nas best rap lyricists
Definitely a candidate for the hip hop hall of fame, Nasir  bin Olu Dara Jones, populary known as Nas, is an American rapper who is considered one of the best of all time.

5. Dr. Dre
      Dr. Dre best hip hop artistes
Even though he has only two albums to his name, he has contributed immensely to the hip hop world as he has helped make some of the stars on this list into the icons they are today.
A great lyrical assasin and an even better producer, Dr.Dre makes the cut as one of the greatest rappers in history. His two albums are must haves for any fan.

6. Snoop dogg
            Snoop dogg best rap music
He hails from Long beach California and he has one of the most recognized faces and most unique styles in rap music today.

7. JayZ
   Jay Z top 8 best rappers of all time
He has carved a place for himself among rap gods to become one best of all time.
Jay is also a super songwriter and entrepreneur.  He is widely considered one of the best lyricists in music now.
He is also one of the most commercially successful musicians ever.

8. 50 cents
      50 cents best hip hop artistes ever
     Curtis Jackson aka 50 cents is an American Hip Hop star, actor, music, film, and television producer.
One of his albums 'Get rich or die trying' sold 15 million copies alone.

50 cents perfected a
Slow and rhythmic style that is actually quite appealing.

Dead or alive these top 8 rappers are icons in the music industry as a whole.

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