Trending:Fox news reporter suffers wardrobe malfunction on air

- 6/17/2016

Fox news presenter Aline Moine exposes underwear during live broadcast 

Alina Moine suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

A Fox news reporter suffered a strange wardrobe malfunction when she accidentally lifted her short dress and showed the world her underwear.

The now popular incident occurred when she was co presenting a program about the Olympics live on air.

The Fox news presenter Alina Moine who hails from the Argentine city of Rosario, in the north-east province of Santa Fe,  was in the middle of presenting a Fox sports show about the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, when she moved her hand upward, and lifted with it the hem of her very short black mini dress, exposing what appeared to be cream coloured knickers.

To her credit, Aline quickly recovered her composure and smoothed down her dress. And then continued seamlessly with the show.

Her co presenter Maxi Palma also handled the unexpected episode in a professional manner.

But all was not forgotten.

The world kept record of the incident suffered by Alina Moine

In the modern world of social media and video phones,  many viewers recorded and uploaded the mishap on social media where it has been viewed almost 500,000 times! Welcome to the internet, where nothing really ever goes away.

Many social media users are even questioning Alina's actions, wondering if the act was on purpose.

One user asked why the recorded live broadcast segment was not eventually edited to exclude the Fox presenter's embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The trending footage and photo rages on in social media as it gathers views and comments.


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