Turkey airport bomb blast: Police officer tackled suicide bomber before he detonated bomb

- 6/28/2016
Suicide bombers at Istanbul airport Turkey

An eye witness at the Turkey airport suicide bomb blast has reported that a police officer tackled one of the suicide bombers to the ground just before the terrorist detonated his bomb.

Three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance of the international terminal at Turkey's largest airport; Istanbul Ataturk,  Turkey.

A porter who works at the airport saw the first explosion happen. And as people panicked and started to run, he joined the fleeing airport crowd.

But at that moment he looked back and saw a police officer tackle one of the suicide bombers to the ground and struggle with him, before the attacker detonated his bomb, according to the eyewitness.
28 people have been killed and over 60 injured at Turkey suicide bomb blast

A short while later the third bomb exploded causing more havoc.

Police men reportedly fired shots at the suicide bombers, wounding one before they commenced their bomb attack.
The governor of Istanbul has stated that 36 people are dead so far from the suicide bomb blast at Turkey's largest and busiest Airport.

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at one of Turkey's airports killing 28 and injuring over 60 people in a gruesome terror attack.

Although ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attack, it is believed they are behind the airport bomb blast.

A south African man who was returning to Cape Town with his wife also witnessed the first bomb blast.

He said that one of the suicide bombers began shooting randomly at the people in front of him before detonating his bomb.

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