Usain Bolt may lose Olympic gold medal through teamate's doping

- 6/03/2016

Champion sprinter Usain Bolt in danger of losing title 

Usain bolt may lose Olympic gold medal

The legendary Jamaican sprint king Usain Bolt is in danger of losing one of his titles;  a gold medal he won in the 4×100 meter relay in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The greatest track and field athlete in history, Usain Bolt is having a nightmare experience that could put a terrible blemish on his flawless record.

And what is the cause of this recent mishap?

One of Bolt's team mates when he won the relay gold in China; Nester Carter has tested positive to a banned substance.

An unexpected re-analysis of the Urine and blood samples from the Beijing Olympics yielded  the shocking revelation.

This means that Usain Bolt now faces the possibility of losing one of the three gold medals he won during the Olympics.

The re-analysis of the tests were carried out with new scientific procedures designed to fish out drug offenders prior to the 2016 Olympics in Rio Brazil.

Nestar Carter was amongst the 31 athletes who failed the new drug tests.

The Jamaican team powered to a gold medal win at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in a world record time of 37.10 seconds with Carter running the opening leg and Bolt anchoring the race.

Now Usain Bolt is in Carter's hands.

If Carter fails to clear his name, then his other three relay team mates including  Bolt will lose their Olympic gold medals.

This will prevent the Olympic and world champion from having his perfect triple  in 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 meters in three different Olympics. An unprecedented feat.

30 year old Nestar Carter, is currently the 6th fastest 100m sprinter of all time.

He has a run an overall personal best time of 9.78sec which he ran in a blistering race in 2010.

Presently he is the scale that will determine whether Usain Bolt will lose out on his perfectly planned career through no fault of his own.


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