Woman kills her husband in india for refusing to have sex with her

- 6/16/2016

Indian wife jailed for life for killing her husband when he declined to have sex with her. 

Woman kills husband for refusing to have sex

woman killed her husband in India and has been setence to life in prison for her horrific crime.

The shocking incident took place in the couple's own home in the city of Ahmedabad in India.

She brutally attacked and murdered her husband when he refused to have sex with her.

The woman Vimla Vaghela, a 54 year old, became furious  with her husband when she demanded sex from him and he turned her down.

She angrily accused him of having an affair with another woman and she believed this to be the reason for his refusal.

Picking up a stick she attacked him and savagely hit him on the head repeatedly until he died.

Then Vimla calmly locked the house and went over to a nearby police station to report the incident.

But her own version of the story stated that she was trying to defend herself from him.

But upon investigation, the police arrested her for murder instead.

She was formerly charged and sentenced to life in prison and the payment of a 2000 rupee fine.

This incident comes in the wake of another violent crime in India where a man who worked as a city accountant invited his whole family to dinner at his house, and murdered them while they all ate a meal together.

The spate of violent crimes against family members in India is certainly should be checked.


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