Woman stabs ex husband and tries to pull out his intestine after sex

- 6/22/2016
  A woman had allegedly used a carving knife to stab her ex husband and tried to pull out his intestines after they had sex.
Woman stabs ex husband pulls out his intestines

She kept attacking as he tried to escape.

Dalya Saeed allegedly attacked her ex husband after sex in her home.

After stabbing him, she then tried to pull out his intestines which were hanging out of his torn belly as he tried go flee.

While Mr. Bilal Mohammed was trying to push his hanging intestines back into his stomach, his ex wife continued her vicious attack by hitting him over the head with a salt and pepper grinder.
And later attacking him with a machete when he managed to flee outside the flat.

The woman, 34 year old Dalya Saeed admitted to the court that she had stabbed her former husband, but said she only did so in self defense because he had raped   and attacked her with a machete.

The formerly married couple split up in 2013, although they have a daughter together.

 Mr. Mohammed had since remarried and works as a taxi driver.

In his testimony he claimed that his ex wife had phoned and asked him to come over to her home, because she wanted to discuss something important about their daughter.

When he arrived, they had consensual sex and talked about their daughter, before having sex again.

In his own words;

"She started to kiss my lips, my neck and my chest and then all of a sudden, within a blink of an eye, she stabbed me twice in the belly.

"I do not know whether the knife was under the bed or in her robe.

I said to her, ‘What have you done?’ She then stood up and stabbed me again.

"I grabbed the knife from her. When I grabbed the knife my intestines were out. She was trying to hold on to my intestines and pull them.

"She pulled part of them off. I threw the knife behind a sofa and held the rest of them in my belly."

He claimed that when he tried to escape the flat,  she pushed the door closed and attacked him with the salt and pepper grinder, clearly intent on killing him.

He managed to get outside and call for help but even outside she continued with her attack.

She only stopped when her ferocious assault when he reached  another property.

The bizarre trial continues.

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