zombie flesh eating fish hagfish evading British shores

- 6/14/2016

The flesh eating hagfish enters British waters

Flesh eating fish evading British shores

A nice day at a sun drenched beach can often make the ideal holiday for many British people.

But that sweet idea is turning sour real quick with the recent sightings of a deadly species of zombie fish evading British shores.

The hagfish is a flesh eating creatures that has already washed up on the shores of Scotland.

They are slimy eel like fish that have a taste for flesh.

An incredible defensive and offensive predator,  the hag fish lives at the bottom of the ocean and feeds on dead and dying creatures.

Its defence mechanisms include spraying victims with a sticky viscous slime that chokes them.
Hagfish zombie fish with slime

The hagfish can grow to more than lengths of 4 feet and it is a flesh eating fish known to feed on live and dead creatures.

This vile creature does this mainly by crawling into their mouths or anus and eating them from inside out.

Recreation plans of Beach goers all over Britain has been dampened by the presense of the deadly hagfish in British waters.

Marine researchers have been examining aspects of the hagfish,  especially its slime.

This is what one researcher Douglas Fudge had to say about the hagfish's slime.

"The slime comes out of the glands in a concentrated form, but quickly swells when it contacts seawater".

"It is believed that the resulting cocoon of slime protects the hagfish from predatory attacks, and may even threaten to suffocate fish predators.

“A hagfish doesn’t suffocate in its own slime because it has a clever trick for extricating itself it when danger passes – it simply ties itself in a knot and passes the knot down its body, thereby wiping the slime away."

Strangely the suffocating substance contains certain bio friendly chemicals found in face creams and guess what else? Even baby nappies!

But don't let that make you throw caution the wind next time you go into the water.

The hagfish is real and it is a flesh eating beast present in our waters.

source photo: the Sun


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