10 shot dead in Munich shooting attack as lone gunman identified

- 7/23/2016
Munich shooting attack. The 18 year old shooter has been identified as Ali Sonboly.
Gunman shoots 9 people dead in Munich shooting attack

The teenager killer is the son of a local taxi driver.

His father is currently helping the German police with inquiries in Munich.

Hours ago, an 18-year-old gunman of dual German and Iranian nationality went on a public rampage. He shot and killed nine people in a chilling mall massacre before shooting himself dead, after fleeing police.

The unknown killer struck in the area around a Shopping mall on Friday afternoon.

It was caught on video. A Chilling video footage showed the Shooter opening fire on terrified members of the public outside a McDonald's restaurant.

He fired at children first. One witness told how she was in the fast food shop at the time when he burst out of the toilets and began shooting children as they ate.

He is then thought to have charged out of the restaurant and fired at passers-by before running over the road and into the OEZ mall where he continued his bloody rampage.

Hours later as police searched for the attacker, a body was found around 1km away from the shooting which police later report that he appeared to have shot himself.

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