7 year old girl killed by elephant at a zoo(photo)

- 7/29/2016
A heart breaking tragic event took place at a Moroccan zoo recently, when a 7 year old girl was killed by an elephant.
Elephant kills seven year old girl at zoo

A seven-year-old school girl recently died at a zoo in Morocco after being struck on the head by a huge rock hurled at her by an elephant.

 They were just taking photos. The girl's dad had lifted her up on his shoulders outside the elephant enclosure so her mum could take a snap of the two of them with their back to the animals when she was struck.
Seven year old girl killed after elephant throws stone at zoo

The family felt safe as they took photos.The female elephant, named Assia, picked up a large stone in its trunk, threw it into the air and it hit the little girl on the back of her head. She was knocked unconscious and later died in a nearby hospital after failing to overcome her injuries.

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