Adele accidentally kissed by Nigerian fan in Vancouver (Video/Photos)

- 7/22/2016
He must be the luckiest man alive.
He is the Nigerian fan who kissed Adele during herVancouver Canada concert.
Singer Adele Vancouver Canada music and

A Nigerian fan got accidentally kissed by singer Adele
 A 21-year-old Nigerian fan of singer Adele who flew all the way from Nigeria to Vancouver, Canada to see his idol perform got more than he hoped for when she called him up on stage. And he got more than he could ever dream when he mistakenly kissed her.

Yes the ecstatic fan got an accidental kiss on the lips, but a kiss nontheless celebrity singer Adele.

When she pulled him up on stage. When she found out he spent N200,000 to see her and traveled down from Nigeria, she decided to give him a big hug and then their lips brushed

"Oh my god, I haven’t been kissed by another man in like six years! He just snogged me!" Adele said as the audience went wild.
Watch the video.

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