Angry Lindsay Lohan throws lover Egor Tarabasov's phone into sea

- 7/12/2016
Controversial Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan seems to thrive on negative publicity as she chose to pick a fight with non other than her own fiance while on holiday in Greece.
Lindsay Lohan fights with Russian lover Egor Tarabasov during Spain holiday

The 30 year old actress and her 22 year old Russian lover who went on holiday in Greece, got into a very public and heated argument at the Chinawhite club on Rakkan beach.

Lindsay reportedly read a suspicious text message on his phone and got enraged at something she saw there.

According to The Sun UK, Lindsay got upset after reading the suspicious text message and shocked some friends and family, including her future mother-in-law, when she angrily threw his phone in the sea.

 In a fit of rage, Egor Tarabasov her lover retaliated by pouring his drink over her.

This sparked a furious fight between the pair which prompted security to step in.

"Everything was fine between them before something on Egor's phone upset Lindsay," an onlooker told the site. "They then started shouting and screaming at each other. Lindsay threw his phone in the sea, she looked absolutely furious."

Tarabasov only made things worse as he later threw a drink over his girl. Their fight was so nasty that the security had to pull them apart.

The source added that Lohan ended up leaving the beach club in her car while her lover went back to the party. The report additionally claimed that Tarabasov's mom who witnessed the whole incident wasn't impressed with Lohan's behavior and was overheard pleading with her son to break up with the actress.

Hours after the incident, Lindsay hinted on an  Instagram post that she and her beau did have a fight:

"Falling in love is exhausting .... Especially when you're the older woman and have already seen it all," she wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of her, before adding, "#love is the most important thing at the end of the day #serenity."

Obviously more used to controversy than her younger lover the troubled actress who hasn't been in a movie role since 2013 can actually weather a storm.
But it remains to be seen if Tarabasov can weather the storms with her.


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