Ashley Olsen Murder suspect finally arrested for her death

- 2/02/2017
Terrible crime as American artist Ashley Olsen , 35, was found dead in her apartment on during an extended trip to Italy.
Ashley Olsen Murder suspect finally arrested
Ashley Olsen 
On Jan. 14, Italian police said in a press conference that they’ve finally made a breakthrough in the case and arrested a Senegalese man Diaw Cheik Tidianee for the murder.
A tragic story. A suspect was finally arrested for the murder of the beautiful American artist Ashley Olsen.

On Jan. 14, Italian officials held a news conference to explain the new breakthrough in the case.

This is what they had to say.

"We have collected very serious evidence of his guilt" said chief prosecutor.
Ashley Olsen Murder suspect Diaw Cheik Tidianss
Diaw Cheik Tidianee
He explained that they found a cigarette as well as a used condom with Diaw’s DNA on it.

According to US weekly, the police called the findings "decisive evidence"

According to police reports, the American artist Ashley met Diaw at a nightclub on Jan. 8, and the two returned to her apartment together to have consensual sex.

They were both under the influence of alcohol and maybe even drugs at the time.

An autopsy revealed that there were two fractures on Ashley’s skull as well as marks on her neck that prove she was strangled.

Italian media say that Diaw told police he didn’t mean to kill her during questioning.

It will be hard for him to be believed since evidence showed that he strangled  her and also hit her at least twice on the head, and did that hard enough to cause skull fractures.

The reasons for his vicious attack have not yet been made clear.


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