Beautiful Congolese woman killed by Indian husband cut to pieces and burned

- 7/05/2016
 wife killed by Indian husband

Wife from Congo killed by her Indian husband

And death came to her in form of her loving husband.

An Indian man kills his Congolese wife and cut her body into pieces before setting it on fire on Tuesday according  to police reports.
Beautiful Congolese woman killed by her own husband

Wife killed by husband
The man Rupesh Kumar Mohanani a, 36 year old man from India was caught by people in Madanpally village in Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India after they found him pouring petrol on a bag containing the body pieces and burning it.

The deceased has been identified as the dazzlingly beautiful Cynthia Vechel, 30, a club dancer in Congo. She had been living with her husband in Hyderabad since 2012.

According to police, Mohanani and his wife had frequent quarrels over financial matters as he had suffered losses in stock market.

But apart from that he also had  suspicions that she was cheating on him, claiming she frequently chatted with her male friends through Facebook.

Congolese woman murdered

They had a fight in the early hours ofSunday July 4th in their flat in Gachibowli. "In a fit of rage he throttled her neck and killed her brutally.

With an intent to screen out the evidence, he cut the body of deceased into pieces with knife, a hammer and an axe, placed them in a bag and left the house in a car to dispose the dead body," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shamshabad Zone) Sunpreet Singh.

Mohanani had gone to Congo in 1999 and was working as a salesman in a departmental store.

He used to visit a club for entertainment, where he met Cynthia in 2006. They fell in love and married in a church in 2008. The couple came to India in 2012 and had applied for Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card. They have an eight-year-old daughter.

Rupesh has been charged for murder and for causing disappearance of evidence.

 The public are in shock over the gruesome murder of Cynthia, and the authorities have informed the Congolese Embassy.


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